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Augustus + Stripes of dried venison with apricot

Augustus + Stripes of dried venison with apricot

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Stripes made of dried venison (75%) with apricots (25%)


  • Product description

    A natural treat made 75% from pieces of roe deer muscle meat and 25% from dried apricots. Warm air-dried, crispy treat, free from preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers. Produced in the EU from local ingredients.

    This product is perfectly suited for pets suffering from allergies and easily digestible. In addition, it has all the wonderful properties of apricot, which prevents the formation of cancer cells, improves eye sight and supports the immune system. Apricot also prevents body water loss and helps regeneration after exercise, so that our pet is full of strength after a long walk.

  • Ingredients

    • Roe deer leg meat 75% with apricot 25%
  • Analytical components

    • 68.9% protein
    • 3.9% inorganic matter
    • 14.8% fat
    • Humidity up to 12%
  • Production Process

    Treats loved by pets are made of whole pieces of meat, free from fat, bones or cartilage. In the production process, the meat is chopped and then - if the treat is enriched with an additive (e.g. apple) - mixed. The next steps are: strips forming and drying at a temperature of 40 to 77 ° C for 24 hours. In this way, our snacks retain valuable nutritional values, additionally without preservatives, artificial colors, flavor enhancers or flavors.

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