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Junior Napoleon I with horseflesh 400g can

Junior Napoleon I with horseflesh 400g can

€ 3,59Prezzo

A truly royal horseflesh of the English Shire breed with linseed. One carefully selected type of meat. High-class hypoallergenic formula adapted to a veterinary elimination diet. Thanks to gentle steaming at 118 ° C, it contains valuable nutrients and vitamins, and is free from microorganisms. 90% horse meat, 10% vegetables and fruit, 0% wheat and rice

  • Product description

    Junior Napoleon I complete wet food for puppies with horseflesh:

    • Gently cooked with steam
    • 90% of Shire horses
    • 10% vegetables
    • 0% grains, gluten, rice, soybeans and corn
    • No artificial preservatives, no dyes or fillers
    • Hypoallergenic, mono-protein recipe.
    • Can be part of a veterinary elimination diet
    • Produced in the EU from local ingredients
  • Ingredients

    • 90% horseflesh (of which: 60% muscle, 40% offal)
    • 5% linseed
    • 5% carrots
  • Nutritional value

    • 12.1% crude protein
    • 5.6% crude fat
    • 1.4% inorganic matter
    • 0.5% crude fiber
    • 78.4% humidity
    • Calcium: 1.01 g / kg
    • Phosphorus: 0.78 g / kg
    • Metabolizable energy: 109.89 kcal / 100g
    • Contains all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from meat, vegetables and fruits thanks to the minimal amount of transportation.
  • Feeding guide

    Feed about 40 g for each 1 kg of body weight a day.

    The suggested meal sizes are merely indicative. Remember to always make fresh water readily available. Store in a dry, cool place. Store in the refrigerator up to 24 hours from the time of opening.

  • Production Process

    Raw meat is washed in an ice bath and then mixed with vegetables and fruit. The composition prepared in this way goes to a can, which is then subjected to a gentle steaming process at 118 ° C. Thanks to this, similar to pasteurization, it neutralizes microorganisms while maintaining the taste of the product and its nutritional value. This culinary technique eliminates the need to add chemical preservatives and your pet gets a wholesome and gourmet meal.

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