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Samples for puppies

Samples for puppies


A royal tasting, let your dog choose its favorite flavour. As many as 4 exquisite meats, from juicy duck, through fresh sea trout, to noble deer, the undisputed ruler of the forest. Award-winning wholesome food of the highest quality with a delicate and hypoallergenic recipe is slowly prepared at a low temperature, thanks to which it retains valuable nutrients and vitamins.

  • The set includes:

  • Environmental awareness

    We package all samples in 100% biodegradable paper and corn starch packaging.

    The labels are printed on eco paper. The used packaging should be disposed of as mixed waste. Soon it will become food for microbes, thanks to which it will thus return to be part of the energy flow in the ecosystem.

  • Production Process

    Junior Paul I, Junior Edward VII, Junior Philip IV

    The first stage of the production process is the thorough mixing of the meat and additives, and then, using unique tools, the steam is evenly pumped into the center. The ingredients are gently steamed at 77 ° C for 46 hours, thanks to which they retain the valuable values ​​of easily digestible protein and natural vitamins and minerals. The food prepared in this way is soon subjected to a 2-stage drying process, thanks to which your pets receive a wholesome meal, free from artificial preservatives and fillers.


    Junior Henry VIII, Junior Arthur

    In the production process, the ingredients are finely chopped and then mixed. At the next stage, the food balls are dried with warm air at a temperature of 125 ° C. During baking, the meat in the feed acquires a deep, distinct taste and calorific value. The result is a truly royal, complete feed, rich in vitamins and minerals, without preservatives, dyes and fillers.

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